GSI - Managing Intellectual Property

12+1 good reasons for WiNPAT


With WiNPAT you work efficiently

Use a software package for your entire IP management and improve your time management through the optimal networking of the individual modules.


With WiNPAT you take control of your processes

Optimal process control is the secret of successful IP handling. WiNPAT helps you by knowing all processes or functions and including all the important standard procedures.


With WiNPAT you stay on track

WiNPAT is an all-rounder, setting priorities and staying active. WiNPAT manages and monitors your deadline calendar, calculates fees, prepares cost-surveys, triggers the necessary actions, fills out forms – and all without prompting!


With WiNPAT you get the highest level of security

All of your data entry is checked against a set of rules for its completeness and accuracy, thus minimising potential sources of errors.


With WiNPAT you protect your data

The multi-level security system protects all of your data. With its detailed rights and roles system, you decide who in which capacity can access to your data.


With WiNPAT you save time in your IP administration

With the integrated workflow management you can automate your workflows and standard processes.


With WiNPAT you stay flexible

Centralising all of your data establishes the basis for a uniform level of knowledge for all, even new employees. This assures you staff independence.


With WiNPAT you get transparency

Create evaluations and status reports at the click of a button and use the broad spectrum of possibilities of comfortable, transparent data representation as a sound basis for your decisions.


With WiNPAT you work intuitively

Its quick installation, logical structure, and self-explanatory user interface facilitates easy and intuitive use from the first day.


With WiNPAT you are always up to date

The monthly automatic update service assures you and your staff the latest information continuously, while insuring that your data, deadlines, and forms are always up to date


WiNPAT – convince yourself of its convenient implementation

WiNPAT provides the complete takeover of your existing data through a comprehensive conversion tool and is compatible with other industry software systems.


WiNPAT – tailored to you and your company's situation

You decide on the locations and number of licenses required and the scope of the service package. The modules of WiNPAT can be combined and adapted exactly to your requirements at any time.


With WiNPAT you are prepared for the future of your business

WiNPAT with its high-performance database (MS SQL server and Oracle) and its state-of-the-art software architecture offers you a future-proof solution for your IP management.