GSI - Managing Intellectual Property

Basic Functionality of WiNPAT

Management of technical and non-technical intellectual property rights


Available for: Professional Enterprise

Be it patents or trademarks, contracts or conflicts, families or inventions, WiNPAT takes care of the work in all existing files. Everything is documented and perfectly structured. WiNPAT works as an integrated system – once you get used to, you will feel comfortable with every process. All information can be seen at a glance. Because it is connected to other modules, you will find the information you require immediately.

Address management


Available for: Professional Enterprise

Apart from the files, all addresses are saved and classified in WiNPAT's central database – an optimal prerequisite in offering all recognisable processes in an organised manner. Just type all companies, contact persons, addresses and all other data, correspondence and information into the system. Notes? Side comments? Telephone comments? Type them all in! WiNPAT not only files, WiNPAT manages all this data for you. As of now, your data is more clearly organised &ndash you can even do research work with it.

Full Document-Management-System


Available for: Professional Enterprise

Creation of individual and form letters directly within the file, insertion of all data stored in files and parties, direct access to stored documents from within files or parties.



Available for: Professional Enterprise

WiNPAT stores the exact taxes for renewals, as well as when they are due. WiNPAT also stores all fees that need to be calculated and automatically creates a complete invoice for you. With the integrated interface, you can make your payments to patent offices or colleagues by yourself, or instruct annuity services, using the integrated interfaces to do so (optionales interface to annuity services).

Complete management of terms


Available for: Professional Enterprise

Your deadlines are very sensitive data. WiNPAT monitors and administrates everything concerning due dates. It doesn’t matter if it is a registration, notice, prolongation or personal appointment – you will always be reminded on time. All deadlines and the resulting actions are connected; this means, you have security and also save time. Furthermore, the monthly updates of the rules for term creation, guarantee that the deadlines are calculated correctly.

Report module


Available for: Professional Enterprise

Whatever you want to know, WiNPAT’s Report Generator will tell you. For example: What is the status quo of the industrial property rights? How many inventions have we filed? How much does the industrial property right cost for the next three years? Whatever it may be - questions, lists or statistics – you will quickly get comprehensive information. The process is even faster if you save recurrent reporting processes on your own masks and templates.

Security and rights


Available for: Professional Enterprise

With the WiNPAT security standard you decide which user or user group gets which access rights, down to even single cases or documents. Thus, the data is protected from being accidentally deleted and from unauthorized viewing or processing. WiNPAT checks the data for completeness and plausibility and tracks every change – perfect data quality for you.



Available for: Professional Enterprise

All system tables including data dictionary, user definable overviews for all kinds of files.

More file types

Available for: Professional Enterprise

Contract files, portfolio files, project files, research files

Processes and process chains

Available for: Enterprise

Creation of complex process chains and interdependent processes.

Integration of WiNPAT-Scripts

Einbindung Scripts

Available for: Enterprise

Integration of WiNPAT Scripts to use individual functions, workflows, reports etc. These are based Visual FoxPro standards and complemented by specific WiNPAT functions and WiNPAT methods. Thus each DLL or OLE conformant Windows application can be integrated. Possibility to tun individual scripts automatically (other actions).


Available for: Enterprise

Definition of user or group specific menus.



Available for: Enterprise

Definition of user or group specific actions.

Multilanguage capability (multilingual module)

Available for: Enterprise

Users can work within the same system and the same database in different languages (user interface, queries, reports, workflows,...).

Field rights

Available for: Enterprise

Set users and grant individual privileges for each file type as well as user and role based access rights at the file level (e.g. patents, trademarks).