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12+1 good reasons for WiNPAT Portal


With WiNPAT Portal you gain independence and mobility

All database-driven applications of your intellectual property rights management are available at any time, any place, and at the desired levels of service.


With WiNPAT Portal you set the foundation for boundless communication

The integrated multilingual function allows multiple users to load the files in various languages at the same time, allowing you unlimited communications.


With WiNPAT Portal you support innovation processes in your company

Support the cooperation of all involved, both internal and external (clients, inventors, lawyers) groups as the basis for an efficient information exchange and the initiation of innovation processes.


With WiNPAT Portal you accelerate decision-making processes

Getting all decision-makers at one table with the same level of knowledge is often a noble goal - and with the WiNPAT Portal it becomes (almost) unneccessary. Facts are available from anywhere in the world, and decisions can be jointly discussed and taken through a portal. This speeds up communication and decision making.


With WiNPAT Portal you stay on track

Everyone, with whom you work, can receive a detailed and clear view of all relevant patent information.


With WiNPAT Portal you work efficiently

The WiNPAT Portal is the basis for a comprehensive exchange of information with clients, lawyers, inventors, and others. This significantly increases the efficiency of all necessary works.


With WiNPAT Portal you focus on security

With the help of detailed control of user rights, you decide who gets access to which extent on your database. Extensive access controls help to secure your data.


With WiNPAT Portal you save time in your IP Administration

The WiNPAT Portal helps you automate your business processes conveniently and easily in interaction with the WiNPAT process oriented workflow management.


With WiNPAT Portal you stay flexible

Your management of intellectual property rights is always timely via the internet. You can use the full flexibility of the graphical user interface of your web browser in its entirety and set navigation criteria individually.


With WiNPAT Portal you work intuitively

The logical structure and self-explanatory user interface make it easy to handle the simple and intuitive WiNPAT Portal from day one.


WiNPAT Portal &ndsh;convince yourself of its convenient implementation

You and specially selected groups get simultaneously access to all database-based applications used in your office or department – all this without additional installation.


WiNPAT Portal &ndsh;tailored to you and your company’s situation and needs

The WiNPAT Portal supports your organisational processes by taking into account your way of working with familiar processes. You also decide which portals may be relevant for your company. A customized portal solution is possible at any time.


With WiNPAT Portal you are prepared for the future

The web-based business solution is the intellectual property rights management of the next generation. Use it to expand the capabilities of your software-based IP-handling by a multiple.