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Schwarz & Partner Celebrate One Year of WiNPAT

The Austrian patent law firm Schwarz & Partner Patentanwälte celebrated the first anniversary of the WiNPAT launch. We rejoiced when finding out about this benign appraisal of WiNPAT and would like to thank Schwarz & Partner for the permission to publish this "birthday photograph" on our website.

WiNPAT Birthday Cake

GSI User Conference 2017 on 18 and 19 October

GSI User Conference

This year's GSI User Conference was hosted in Haus am Dom in the heart of Frankfurt. The city and its dynamic atmosphere provided an inspiring environment loaded with expectations for these two days.

We put the focal point of the User Conference this year on customer reports about their experiences with different aspects of the electronic property rights case. We discussed a variety of subjects, like legal matters, key performance indicators, and the seemingly simple question: „How do I replace a paper file in a way that is accepted by my company?“

The demonstrative and vivid talks held by WiNPAT users, along with live presentations of the corresponding implementations in WiNPAT, sparked some lively discussions. We would like to thank all our guest speakers here once again for their contributions, their commitment, and their willingness to provide content for the User Conference. Since the impact of any presentation depends on the interaction with the audience, we also want to express our gratitude towards everyone who participated actively in discussions around the topics presented.

The feedback we were given shows that the chosen concept puts us on the right track, and that our goal of providing a plattform for exchange of experiences and building networks has been reached. We will continue along this path and plan the next User Conference in a similar way.

Petra Hirschberger and your GSI Team

Guest speakers at the User Conference 2017:

  • Jenny Eichhorn, Volkswagen AG ‐ The Electronic File: Targeted Process Optimization in WiNPAT
  • Dr. Jürgen Eiselt, Blanc and Fischer Family Holding GmbH & Co. KG ‐ IP-Portfolio Management in the Enterprise: Patent Evaluation and Decision Making without Media Discontinuity in WiNPAT and WiNPAT Portal
  • Stephan Kopp, Kuhnen & Wacker Patent and Lawyers' Office ‐ The Unitary Patent: Current Information from Expert Groups and the Status of WiNPAT
  • Torsten Oelfke, Stork Bamberger Patent Lawyers ‐ Information Disclosure Statement: Experiences with the New IDS Module
  • Richard Zollner, AUDI AG – KPI-Analysis with WiNPAT and Analytics: Reporting on a Regular Basis with Respect to Standard Evaluations

New Office Location

On 03 July 2017 we have moved to a new office location. You will find us at: Landsberger Straße 314, 80687 Munich, Germany. We are looking forward to cooperating with all our customers and to meeting you at some point in time in our new premises in Munich.

The background image in the team photo taken in our new office shows the building of Deutsches Museum and the European Patent Office.

Tips for contacting our Service Line, Part 1

If you experience issues with out software, you can contact our Serviceline, which is available between 9 and 5 p.m. CET (except on weekends). [Note: In general there is a charge involved with contacting our Serviceline. If you give feedback that allows us to fix problems or to implement improvements, you are already covered by the payment the software maintenance fee. Support for configuring WiNPAT or similar requests will be charged with our current hourly rate just as usual project work.]

To avoid friction when reporting a case to our Serviceline, we recommend that only one person from your organization who would contact us. Experience has shown that communication works best if there is exactly one contact person in your company or office who reports to our Serviceline with no permanent backups in place.

Serviceline cases in MySupport

You can login to MySupport under using the credentials that we forwarded to you.

In this service portal you can monitor your support cases and changes of their status. The tree structure on the left-hand side allows you to navigate between your cases an see how they progress. When you click on any case, you can see all the details and related documents.

Tips for contacting our Service Line, Part 2

Create a new support case in MySupport

You can login to MySupport under using the credentials that we forwarded to you.

After you have logged in to the service portal as described above, you can submit a service request to us: first click on the link "Report a new" that you see in on the upper part of the screen.

A new window will open. Enter the relevant information, like short title, program version, and a detailed description of your problem. Your description should cover these points:

Proceed by clicking the button "Add". In the next step you can upload related documents or error messages: just click on "Up- and Download of documents"

  1. Choose the document from your file system.
  2. Provide a short description of the issue.
  3. Select the document type.
  4. Add a concise INFO to the document
  5. Click "Upload File"

After that you will get a notification that the document has been uploaded. Please confirm this message by clicking the green tickmark in the upper right corner. If you want to upload another document, proceed as described above.

Finally, confirm the creation of the case by clicking on "Finished". Save and close the case to finish the process.

Serviceline and Team Viewer

Please download the current version of the Team Viewer application from My GSI in order to allow optimal support. Replace the existing file in the corresponding folder underneath your WiNPAT base directory (press Shift+F12 in WiNPAT to get to the base directory)