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Are you looking for a fast “out of the box” IP management software for your team? With the highest level of security and all the functions required for global collaboration and the central management of your patents, utility models, trademarks, designs and domains?




IP Now was created from 30 years of experience in the administration and management of Intellectual Property. But IP Now is more than professional web-based IP management software. 

IP Now has files, automatic terms, documents, form letters – everything an IP management system needs. It also allows you a totally new way of collaboration and communication by integrating chat, notifications and tasks.

As cloud version, IP Now enables fast and easy handling of all processes in decentralized organizations and via home office no matter what device you use (PC, Mac, tablet).

IP Now reflects your business processes even better and more simply – regardless of whether you’re a law firm or corporate.   

IP Now - our web solution
for your IP management


IP Now supports the work of all those involved in the IP process.
Our networked apps ensure that you can quickly access your files, documents or terms and complete your tasks. And from there, you can of course reach all further data and information of relevance in the system. Discover a completely new, simple way of navigating through your sea of property rights.

A client-independent web solution with no maintenance or installation expenses
Optimum support for your work with documents
Targeted performance of your work with the help of appropriate apps
IP Management Software IP Now Patentverwaltungssoftware
Integration of various communication channels with the whole system
IP management: hosted, made and serviced in Germany
Continuous expansion of functions through agile software development

In the process, we guarantee that your data and
documents will be handled securely through:

  • operating in a German data centre with the relevant certificate ISO27001
  • regular penetration tests by an external company
  • a separate database per IP Now customer
  • encrypted client server communication with https
  • encryption of password with AES
  • assignment of processing rights per user depending on the task
  • automatic audit trail for all activities



Discover how IP Now can help you to manage your intellectual property rights






ip management software


Networked apps for targeted access to files, documents, terms or tasks. Depending on the task at hand and your current focus, it’s easy to get into IP Now quickly and navigate to the next topic.
intellectual property management software

Intellectual property rights

Patents, trademarks and designs for national, international and regional procedures including Unitary Patent. Two-party proceedings and third-party property rights.
patent management software


Special conflict files for court proceedings.
domains patent management software


Domain files for administration of own and 3rd party domains.
files patent management software


General files for managing contracts, research results, etc. Clear pre-defined structure aligned with status of procedure and information.
Licences patent management software


Administration of licence agreements, configuration of licence direction (licencing in/out and cross licencing). Administration of relevant fields: licence type, subject matter, terms, status and relevant IP rights.
IP Now patent management software


Manual and automatic generation of terms for files (incl. individual client configuration). Statutory terms and official dates in Germany, Europe and the world. Clear presentation of terms in the Terms app. Direct access from the term to the file or task. Specific list for annuities and renewals. Customized reminders based on due dates.
tasks intellectual property software


Manual and automatic generation of tasks for files, documents or terms. Different view and presentation of tasks using Kanban, grid or timeline. Direct link to files, terms, and documents.
doucuments patent management system


Generate documents from a file, assign or upload documents to single or multiple files. Multi upload via drag & drop and multiple downloads. Edit documents without the need to download them (WebDAV). Bookmarks and annotations shown in the document.
search ip management software


Powerful search capabilities including full text search in all documents, general search across the entire workspace and app-specific search of files, documents, etc.
intellectual property software


Built in document management system with versioning capability. Avoidance of storage conflicts in multi-user operation through checkout/check-in function.
email ip management software


Integration of own and group mailbox via Exchange or IMAP, to automatically assign emails to files based on the file number.
online filing patent management system

Online Filing

Interfaces with German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) and EPA for electronic registration.
chat ip management software

CHAT about the case

Real-time communication on a file or document with the possibility to define groups per case from IP Now. Access every chats irrespective of their age.
ip management system


Notification of user on new tasks or enquiries about files/documents/terms. Option to choose how frequently and via what channel (within IP Now and/or by email) the notification is to be sent.
 ops intellectual property software

OPS interface for document import

Interface to the Open Patent Service of the EPO for downloading PDF documents (publication documents) within a file.
Dynamic links intellectual property software

Dynamic links

Dynamic generation of links to the databases of the offices: ­Patents: Espacenet, European Patent Register, Patentscope, DPMARegister, DEPATISnet; ­ Trademarks: eSearch plus, eRegister, Madrid Monitor, DPMARegister; ­ Publications in the IPscreener app: Espacenet.
contacts app ip now ip management software


Administration and management of legal entities and persons. Add different addresses (billing-, mail address, etc.) and roles.
workflows ip management software


Automatic generation of terms or form letters from the system.
cloud software patents trademarks


No need to install software on your PC/tablet if browser (Chrome/Firefox) and software for processing documents (Word, Adobe Acrobat, etc.) are available. Client-independently.
reporting ip management system


Organization and user specific report creation and management. Generate and share report in your workspace with access to entire data set in your system.
intellectual property software ip now


Pre-defined and customisable dashboard widgets to determine key figures for invention disclosures, patents, trademarks and designs. Integration of self-defined reports and their depiction as list, grid or chart.
IP management software ip now


User interface in 2 languages, German or English. Set preferred language in your personal user profile. Recipient’s language is considered when generating documents or emails.
intellectual property software


Pre-defined roles for relevant operations can be assigned to specific users. Definition of permission groups, that can be combined individually.
ip management system


Generation of emails or Word documents from templates can be adapted to fit specific client´s requirements.


Term Reminders


Reminder tool for creating single and list reminders (via email and letter) in a batch process, based on individual client settings. Bulk-download and automated email dispatch. Automatic invoice generation for terms.


Generating instruction letters for annuities and renewals for 3rd parties (foreign agent, IP service provider, DPMA and EPO).
Electronic mailbox for EPA and DPMA

Electronic mailbox for EPA and DPMA

Embedding of DPMA and EPA electronic mailbox items, to assign documents (office actions, notices, etc.) automatically or manually to the files.
Inbound mail processing

Inbound mail processing

Structured process of handling incoming mail (emails and documents). Joined review and processing of incoming documents in a team. Assigning predefined tasks and a responsible person to the document.
4-eyes principle

4-eyes principle

Definition of 4-eyes tasks for automatic or manual generation of tasks. Visual marking of files, deadlines and documents with pending 4-eyes tasks.
OPS interface for data import

OPS interface
for data import

Import of missing bibliographic data for published patents for own and 3rd party patents. Automatic file creation for single 3rd party patents or the complete patent family.


Creation and administration of incoming, outgoing and cancellation invoices for files incl. foreign currency management. Conversion and sending as PDF file.


Manual or timer operated recording of performed services including time expenditures, date, performing person and kind of service as well as assignment to a file. Management of individual hourly rates.


Recordation of inventors’ shares, licence factors and revenues. Calculation of remunerations based on lump sum, licence analogy, licence and operational savings.
2-factor authentication


Sending an access code per text message (SMS) for 2-factor authentication to a self-deposited mobile phone number.
Client portal

Client ­Portal

Online access for clients to IP portfolio for data and document exchange.
Invention portal

Invention ­Portal

Standard invention portal as a companywide inventor platform for submitting invention disclosures and interacting with the patent department.
Further web portals

Further web ­Portals

By request, implementation of further web portals, such as order or information portals.

Seamless integration to other IP service providers

Morningside IP
Morningside IP Now

Morningside IP

Online interface to Morningside IP’s full suite of EP validation and translation services with status request and proposal status.
PAVIS Connect


Online interface to PAVIS Connect with real-time visualisation of file status and transmission of expected costs. Registration, updating and cancellation of files in a batch. Import of electronic PAVIS invoices. Export of files in PAVIS XML format.
IPscreener IP Now


Online interface to IPscreener for efficient, textbased, AI-supported patent researches with read and import options of research results.


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