GSI - Managing Intellectual Property


It started with a service idea...

The development of the GSI Office Management GmbH clearly demonstrates the dedication and determination with which we are dedicated to the theme of intellectual property rights and our customers. The service and the direct benefits to the customers were in our focus from the beginning.



New Training Concept: GSI adapts trainings exactly to customer needs and provides more time for this. Possibilities for professional exchange, networking and the offer of trainings and workshops have been extended.


WiNPAT Portal: with WiNPAT Portal our clients now benefit from a powerful portal solution. WiNPAT 5, a further milestone, is released. GSI now employs 22 people.


Austria / Vienna: GSI opens a satellite office in Vienna to have a better strategic position in the emerging markets in Eastern Europe.


Expansion in Europe: New customers in Sweden, France, Hungary, Latvia, and Switzerland take a decision for WiNPAT.


Scandinavia, Ericsson: First Scandinavian and largest global customer. WiNPAT is deployed at over 15 locations worldwide.


Extending our core business: 1.500 users in 80 client companies are already working with WiNPAT


Total Quality Management: GSI introduces Total Quality Management (TQM) and lays the ground for high professionalism.


Commercialisation of WiNPAT: Large-scale project at Hoffmann-La Roche in Basel, Switzerland. The team has now 13 employees.


Corporate customers: First contract from an industrial client, Henkel KGaA, Dusseldorf, Germany. GSI grows to 9 permanent employees.


Start of our Windows development: using object-oriented methods and concepts. Exhibition at SYSTEMS 93 trade fair, presenting a first prototype.


Breakthrough: The first large-scale project contract is awarded by patent law firm Kuhnen, Wacker & Partner in Freising, Germany.


The foundation: GSI GmbH was founded and first product PATSYS introduced in the market.


A vision takes shape: In cooperation with Prof. Bartmann and the patent law firm Louis, Pöhlau & Segeth in Nuremburg Christian Kramer starts a research paper about software for managing intellectual property rights.