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General information on IP Now and WiNPAT


Here you will find interesting information about our products IP Now and WiNPAT.

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What is IP Now differentiator?

IP Now is available both as software-as-a-service as well as on premise installation behind client firewall. Comes with modern user interface, with great user experience. IP Now is more than just a patent management software. It comes with variety of files (patent, trademark, design, general), automatic deadlines, documents, form letters - everything a modern IP management software need. The modern collaboration and communication features of IP Now is a huge step to your digitalized IP office. Access to your office worldwide gives you the independent and efficient way of working, chat about a file, find help in the integrated documentation and more. IP Now implements your business processes easier and much better out-of-the-box.

What is WiNPAT differentiator?

WiNPAT is an industrial proved client-server solution for your entire IP management. With its rich and extensive functionalities WiNPAT offers all you need for IP management (patents, trademarks and designs) for law firms and corporates. The sophisticated workflow management capability significantly accelerates your day-to-day work through automation. The strength of WiNPAT is its enormous performance and in fact the comprehensive built-in processes for the management of industrial property rights. There is nothing comparable available in the market today.

Why you should choose a patent management software from GSI?

With the flexibility and modular design of our IP management software, we can easily implement your business workflows for the administration of all your industrial property rights such as trademarks, patents and designs, irrespective of your business (law firm, corporates) or your size (small, medium or large). The development of our product is driven by our professional and highly experienced customers community. Whatever GSI IP management solution you choose - IP Now or WiNPAT - you will acquire a software solution that has been developed with over 30 years experience in IP administration & management. Benefiting from many years of experience and the profound intellectual property know-how of our employees.

How time consuming is it to move to IP Now or WiNPAT?

The most important part is the migration of your data asset. Thanks to our sophisticated conversion tools, we can take over your data asset in reasonable time. Our migration process includes the use of publicly available database for quality check. In addition to that, both our products are highly configurable and focus on supporting your office workflow efficiently and not otherwise.

Are WiNPAT and IP Now future-proof software products?

An essential question for every client. And we clearly reply with a profound YES!

GSI steadily improves WiNPAT and its extensive scope of operations and functionalities. It is continuously adapted to the requirements of new operating systems and changing IT infrastructure. Moreover, GSI further develops the functional scope of WiNPAT.

IP Now is the modern offspring of WiNPAT. It is web based and built on .Net technology. IP Now already has a broad basic functionality and has proven itself successfully. Our expertise on IP business processes is transferred step-by-step from WiNPAT to IP Now. During this transfer all WiNPAT processes and workflows are revised and even further improved for IP Now.

The development of IP Now and WINPAT is conducted in two development teams that work most closely together. Based on that, GSI assures a high availability of resources and a vivid exchange of information. For both of our products we provide a monthly update of due dates, fees and other rules.

A change from WiNPAT to IP Now is possible without costly data migration, because IP Now is based on the same database structure as WiNPAT. Whichever GSI product you choose, you are investing in a future-proof software solution for your IP management.