GSI - Managing Intellectual Property

WiNPAT and WiNPAT Portal – adaptable to your needs at any time


You don't want to customize WiNPAT or WiNPAT Portal yourself? No problem! We're prepared to take over every kind of customisation – from creating formal letters or special reports to designing complex workflows.

Are adjustments to WiNPAT or WiNPAT Portal neccessary? You can do this either by yourself or let us help you with the transition. We can gladly accommodate all types of customisations for you - from creating your form letters, with special reports, as well as the establishment of extensive workflows.

Do you need to match our workflow package with your requirements for a workshop, or do you want to optimize your internal processes? These are part of our extensive specialised support.

Larger projects require professional project management. If you lack your own resources for this, we are happy to take over this important task to ensure a successful project completion. We focus on your success!